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Why a hybrid?

Cooking a Pizza in the UGLI Hybrid Solar OvenAt the SUN BD CORPORATION we are all about promoting the HYBRID solar electric oven. It’s not because we make them, it’s because we choose to make them. The Hybrid oven has so many advantages over traditional solar ovens. One of the biggest advantages is the HYBRID oven’s ability to maintain a higher and more even cooking temperature over a greater range of weather conditions than a traditional solar oven. Another important advantage of the HYBRID is that it gives you cook-time control and the ability to have a hot cooked meal ready to place on the table, on your schedule, even if it’s 7 O’clock in the evening. Traditional solar ovens cannot do that.

In the coming weeks I hope to be able to discuss our mission at the SUN BD CORPORATION and why we do what we do.


Check out the UGLI Hybrid Solar Oven!

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The new UGLI™ hybrid solar electric oven

The Sun BD Corporation, the largest U.S.A. manufacturer of hybrid solar electric ovens, announced today its latest innovation, the UGLI™ hybrid solar electric oven. “What’s really special about the UGLI™ hybrid solar electric oven is that its outer case is made from a renewable resource cardboard. A first of its kind for hybrid oven.” said David Chalker, Sun BD Corporation’s President.

“Our goal for the UGLI™ hybrid solar electric oven was foremost safety, secondly  superior cooking capability and last affordability and the UGLI™ hybrid is all of that and more, said Chalker”.

Inside every UGLI™ hybrid is the same proven technology used in our World-class SunFocus® hybrid solar electric oven that Sun BD Corporation’s customers have been enjoying since 2010.

The Sun BD Corporation is located in the Finger Lakes Region of Western New York and has been selling and manufacturing hybrid solar electric ovens for North America markets since 2004.


For further information contact:

David Chalker
President – Sun BD Corporation
Email:  or Phone: 1-315-651-8821

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International Recognition

What an honor.

At the Sun BD Corporation we always knew our SunFocus solar electric oven was a great solar oven.  Now it has been internationally confirmed.

On Jan. 17th, 2017, at the Muni Seva Ashram showing in Vadodara, India, Solar Cookers International science director, Alan Bigelow, and international solar expert, Deepak Gahdia, witness the solar cooking performance testing between our own SunFocus and a Parvati Parabola.

The SunFocus performance test results were even better than expected.

FYI – Our SunFocus Won!