Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often go I have to turn it to orient it to the sun to cook a roast?

A: May be once an hour. The SunFocus® has a curved main reflector so the Sun's energy is curved forward and inward. Because of this unique design less turning is required vs. other solar ovens that use a straight style reflector.

Q: How much do I have to alter recipes to cook solar?

A: Slow cooking recipes not all. High temperature recipes calling for 350 F. and above you will have to adjust your cooking times based on the temperature of the oven for that day's cooking condition. My rule of thumb is for every 50 degrees below recipe cook for a ½ hour longer than recipe states.

Q: I've heard you cannot brown bread, is that true?

A: Not true. You can brown bread in the SunFocus®.

Q: I though you could not get a solar oven hot enough to boil to sterilize water, only a parabolic cooker can. Does yours boil?

A: Yes you can boil water in the SunFocus®. The water will read 212 but only slow steady small bubbles will appear. (Do not get confused thinking that seeing large fast bubbles roiling over means the water is hotter than 212 degrees. It's isn't.)

Q: Does it as fast as a regular oven.

A: As a solar oven the quick answer is no. It will take longer. On days when the UV index is low solar cooking takes the longest time and on days when the UV index is near max solar cooking will be the shortest time but it may even then take an hour longer than a regular oven would take. However, the SunFocus® 3 in 1 on high electric setting the cooking times can be very similar to your regular oven.

Q: Do I need special pans to solar cook?

A: Generally speaking no special pans or dishes are required for solar cooking in the SunFocus®.

Q: Can I cook in the winter sun?

A: Yes. It will cook slower in the winter due to the lower incline of the winter Sun. For the best results place the SunFocus® in a spot out of the wind and exposed to full sun. Of course you can also use the electric back up for faster cooking or if starts to snow.

Q: How hot do the reflector panels get?

A: The reflectors always say cool to the touch. They do not absorb any heat at all only reflect.

Q: How many years will this last?

A: The SunFocus® solar only will last twenty years with proper handling. The SunFocus® 3 in 1 solar electric heating element was designed to least 8 years.

Q: Is the electric part safety approved?

A: All the electrical components used in the SunFocus® are UL approved.