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Solar Hybrid Oven - Next generation in solar ovens

Solar Oven and Solar Hybrid Ovens - Professional Class

It’s like having weather insurance when the clouds roll in, you can continue cooking, baking and partying on.

Review by Mercy College

Introducing in June!

Our COMPLETE Solar Kitchen products for one LOW price!!
SunFocus hybrid solar oven & our newest SunFocus Focus.

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NEW SunFocus® 3-in-1
Solar Electric Oven

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Solar Oven

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THE NEW SUNFOCUS® 3 in 1 Switch

Electric back-up feature:

  • High heat - a 300° F. electrical setting for baking for breads, cakes and roasts
  • Low heat - a slow cooking setting idea for simmering stews, soups and chilis.

Enjoy outdoor cooking like never before.
The results are amazing!

  • Enjoy environmentally friendly cooking
  • Experience better tasting food
  • Cook on sunny and cloudy days, and at night
  • Cook outdoors and keeps your house cool
  • Cooks up 12 lbs. of food at time
  • Emergency resource for cooking / water pasteurization

650 watts of potential power with solar and 465 watts with electric back-up.

Why is the SunFocus 3 in 1 solar electric oven so unique?

  • The SunFocus 3 in 1 solar electric oven with its plug-in option is the only oven in the United States that allows you to seamlessly go from electric to solar and back to electric cooking automatically.
  • 3 in 1 functions: Solar oven, Slow cooker, and Electric Oven.
  • Cooking temperature ranges up to 350 deg. F.
  • Compact design - Portable - Easy to set up.
  • Cooks enough food for 1-14 people.
  • No cool down time before transport. Close, Stow, Go!
  • Economical. Uses 65% less wattage than standard household oven. 
  • Duel powered: Solar or 465 watts at standard 115v AC electric. 
  • Day or Night / Outdoor or Indoor cooking.
  • DC system compatible only 600 watt inverter required.
  • 3 year manufacturer's limited warranty           
  • Made in America.

Made using superior materials and designed to impress all.

Made in America

SunFocus® is a registered trademark to the Sun BD Corporation.