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Why a hybrid, my blog.
April 20, 2018 The modern hybrid oven solves the kitchen to solar oven preheat cycle because the ability to preheat is all built into the hybrid solar oven. There is no reason ... more
All SunFocus Owners
All SunFocus owners we want to see what you have been cooking. Please send us a few of your best SunFocus cooking pictures or videos ... more
Cloudy overcast day 34 degrees F. CLOUDS WILL NOT DEFEAT US! The UGLI Hybrid is no ordinary box. Don't let made of "cardboard" deceive you. We designed the UGLI tough so you can use it ... more
Minipakinipak fuel cell, hybrid solar oven at  Mercy College
"The great thing about solar ovens is, because they keep the water vapor in, you never risk burning your cookies or muffins." ... more
Christina S.
I finally came back from the Philippines. I checked in the Sun BD solar oven on the plane and brought it to my family all the way to Guiuan Eastern Samar. There ... more
Solar Oven
An excellent video showcasing the SunFocus and just how it can be incorporated into your summer.  Music: "What Keeps it Even"- Wild Season ... more