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David Chalker is a solar cooking entrepreneur who's been around the world and across the US, demonstrating and speaking about his solar electric oven design.

January 2020 - ConSolFood2020 Conference, Faro, Portugal - David Chalker give an important lecture on the need for the Worldwide solar cooking sector to support new technologies and pursue "Solar Oven PLUS" solutions. Dave reminded the World leading experts that solar cooking was invented in 1700's and the World is no closer to accepting solar cooking today as an everyday cooking solution than in the 1700's. What's needed are new Technologies, Ideas and Solutions. Dave said a Solar Oven "PLUS" solution like the HYBRID SOLAR OVEN that uses BOTH solar and electric should be strongly considered and embraced. The modern day hybrid solar ovens like the SunFocus Hybrid and the Ugli Hybid are such solar PLUS appliances and have been proven by years of consumer use to be an accepted cooking technology solution.  

In 2017, Dave began development on his new lower cost design, the UGLI™ Hybrid Solar Electric Oven.  After working diligently to perfect the design and bring it to market with the same basic elements as the SunFocus but for a fraction of the cost, he released it for sale in the first quarter of 2018.

Starting from his own design, today Dave manufactures and sells his SunFocus® high performance solar ovens. Dave is well known in the solar cooking arena. In 2011 he demonstrated his ovens in the courtyard at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. In 2013 he guest lectured on solar cooking design at Cornell University School of Engineering. In 2014 he spoke as an expert on solar cooking and solar oven marketing at the International Solar Cooking Convention in Sacramento, CA.



David Chalker (left) demonstrating and showcasing his product around the country.
David Chalker (left) demonstrating and showcasing his product around the country.