UGLI® Solar Oven Hybrid

Our goal for the UGLI® solar oven hybrid was to offer the lowest priced - most affordable hybrid solar electric oven that's every bit as good as the SunFocus® hybrid.

  • The Ugli hybrid also cooks up capability to 12 lbs. per cooking cycle, up to 36 lbs. of cooking potential per day.
  • The Ugli hybrid also cooks daytime - nighttime. 
  • The Ugli hybrid also is a portable outdoor oven.
  • The Ugli hybrid also for the SERIOUS cook.

With our economy UGLI® solar oven hybrid  you do not have to sacrifice performance for budget price.


The Ugli Hybrid is a revolutionary appliance that uses traditional materials. The Sun BD Corporation wants you to know you're not going to be sold and forgotten.

We want to eliminate any doubts or concerns you may have about our innovative multi-layered hard cardboard case being fragile, weak, non-durable, etc, etc.

 We stand behind the Ugli Hybrid solar oven product 100% so we are offering our Ugli® hybrid solar oven 5 year “NO WORRY” case guarantee.


How does it work?

For any reason simply return your Ugli Hybrid back to us freight prepaid.

 We will:

  • Replace your Ugli® hybrid’s unwanted old case with a brand new case
  • Reassemble the oven
  • Clean and Spruce it up
  • Test it
  • Ship your Ugli ® hybrid solar oven back to you via UPS ground at NO COST to you!


Simple, Fair, Honest : “You bring it to us – we’ll give it back looking new





Go MODERN / Cook with a HYBRID !!!
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee
  • 1-Year Warranty per our T&C’s
  • 5-Year Ugli Hybrid case guarantee*

The UGLI® Hybrid Oven is an Outdoor Cooking Machine!

  • Roasts - Beef - Pork - Chicken
  • Breads - Cakes - Cookies - Pies
  • Everything from Gourmet to Home-style

Why an UGLI® Hybrid Solar Electric Oven?

  • No more worrying and getting upset by clouds rolling in that can hamper or ruin ordinary solar oven cooking
  • Cooking’s continuous. Easy to switch to the electric back up.
  • Cook’s faster than a solar oven when solar / electric combination used
  • Great teaching oven… for demonstrating solar thermal cooking concepts in the classroom or to the family.
  • Solar cooking’s a fun activity and you just want an UGLI™ hybrid. (End of story)
  • Keep you electric bills lower and your home cooler
  • More environmentally friendly to cook using a combination solar & electric vs. burning "traditional" fuels like wood, propane, or even charcoal.
  • Enjoy more of the food's flavor when gently baked by the Sun’s rays

Reliable - Convenient – Easy to use

  • Innovative “Industrial grade” - "Multi-folded" hard cardboard design
  • Wind resistant outdoor design
  • External dimensions 22 x 22 x 12 in.
  • Tempered double-pane glass for best possible heat retention efficiency
  • Multi-material thermal heat resistant insulation
  • Two independent internal pre-set thermostats
  • Specially designed thermal heating pad 465 watts / 115v. AC
  • Focusing reflector lid design
  • Built-in circuit fuse
  • Multi-function high / low power switch
  • Power-on illumination indicator light
  • Superior quality, American anodized aluminum reflectors
  • Aluminum alloy cooking chamber pan.
  • Portable and balanced handle for easier handling
  • All weather resistant exterior case - "No Worry" 5-year replacement guarantee 

Sun BD Corporation is very proud to bring to you our newest and lowest priced hybrid solar electric oven. The UGLI® hybrid solar electric oven innovative outer case is made of hard industrial grade cardboard for durability and multi-folded for strenght. Our design is a breakthrough in the solar cooking industry for a hybrid solar electric oven.

Proven technology:
Inside every UGLI® hybrid is the same proven technology used in our World-class SunFocus® hybrid solar electric oven that Sun BD Corporation’s customers have been enjoying since 2010.